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Georges St-Pierre(GSP) UFC Welterweight Champion with TMT Trainers Yod and Lamsongkram

Top tier Tiger Muay Thai trainers, Kru Lamsongkram Chuwattana and Master Yod Wilek
have taken their expertise to Montreal, Canada on two occasions,to help train UFC Welterweight Champion, Georges St-Pierre, for his last two title fights at UFC 154 and 158. They will again make their way back to Canada to help with Georges St-Pierre’s next title defense against Johny Hendricks. Lamsongkram and Yod both have over 280 fights with Lamsongkram collecting five belts: two Rajadamnern stadium titles, an S-1 Title, both a World Muay Thai Council(WMC) and a World Boxing Council(WBC) Muay Thai belt. Yod has captured a PK-1 Championship and fought in the top Bangkok stadiums and underground tournaments in China and has trained Muay Thai and MMA champions all over the world.
Produced by Jeff Sainlar



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